i/thee is a family and friends design collaborative with projects around the world. Our designs celebrate the co-sentience of everything in the environment; living and non-living; past and present; I and thee. 
Where some wish to draw distinctions, we wish to shed light on what we all have in common: to demonstrate that the appearance of difference is an illusion. Within this universe, there are not many things but just one thing: one life, one love, one eternally temporary moment. The world is not made up of separate entities and forces that sometimes overlap; rather, all things are born from the same circle with one boundary—a perfectly overlapping venn diagram containing all there is.
Our clients and collaborators include Teva, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (the historic site of Woodstock), the Imperial Valley Desert Museum, Hello Wood Studio, Space Saloon, Global Inheritance, Roundhouse Platform, Oakes Creek Ranch and more.
neal lucas hitch is a designer, builder, and educator whose research focuses on experimental fabrication. He has worked internationally in cities including Chicago, California, Tokyo, and Budapest, at firms including Juan Gabriel Moreno Architects and Sou Fujimoto Architects. He holds a Master of Architecture from Judson University, has studied at the Architectural Association in London, and has led workshops for institutions including Hello Wood Festival and Space Saloon Design Laboratory. Neal was a Visiting Lecturer at Texas Tech University College of Architecture from 2020-2022 and is currently pursuing a post-professional degree at Cornell University.
martin francis hitch is a designer, practitioner, and educator currently teaching architecture and design at the University of Arizona. He has worked at offices throughout Southern California’s Bay Area, such as Studio KDA in Berkeley, Frame Studio in Oakland, and Arcsine in Oakland. He holds a Master of Architecture from California College of the Arts and has led design-build workshops internationally for institutions such as Hello Wood Festival and SpaceSaloon Design Laboratory. A veteran thru-hiker, Martin has completed multiple expeditions, including the Pacific Crest Trail along the Western Coast of the United States.
kristina fisher is a designer and educator whose research focuses on urban design and the relationship between ecology with the built environment. Her work and research explore ways to create ecologically, harmonious urban environments and public spaces. Kristina earned a Master of Architecture with a certificate in Urban Design from the University of Virginia. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Judson University, where she was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal. Kristina has also studied and researched urban design internationally at the Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute in Florence, Italy, and with UVA in Barcelona, Spain.
i/thee was founded in 2017 by Neal Lucas Hitch, Martin Francis Hitch, Kristina Fisher, and Neal V Hitch
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