i/thee is a family and friends design-build studio with projects around the world. Our designs celebrate the co-sentience of everything in the environment; living and non-living; past and present; I and thee. Our growing oeuvre includes a list of participatory investigations and architectural experiments including, but not limited to, building a multi-purpose cathedral in the Hungarian countryside, hosting and curating an experimental design-build camp on a farm in Illinois, and designing/constructing a vast habitable sculpture garden in the Southern Californian desert.
Our clients and collaborators include the Imperial Valley Desert Museum, Hello Wood Studio, Space Saloon, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Global Inheritance, the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives, Rainforest Art Project, and the County of San Diego.
Members have studied at the University of Virginia, the Architectural Association of London, the Ohio State University, and Judson University.  
Neal Lucas Hitch - Designer, Builder | Martin Hitch - Designer, Builder | Neal V Hitch PhD - Designer, Builder | Davis Hitch - Builder
Kristina Fisher - Designer | Kelsey Miller - Designer, Builder | Paul Herman - Builder | Breyden Anderson - Photographer
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