Hidden Passage, California
Design - Build 
The form of the structure, created by suspending two glue-soaked canvas sheets over a matching pair of cubic structures, is directly dependent on the environment. The project site was chosen by studying wind patterns at various hyper-specific locations within southern California’s high-desert. Over the course of a few hours, after its initial installation, the canvas froze into position, capturing a three dimensional snapshot of a specific moment in time.
The installation’s outlined and punctured apertures create the formal memory of a house; however, once inside, all references fade away as the landscape beyond is quietly framed through the crisp portals. Furthermore, as one observes the structure she is met with a sort of cognitive dissonance: the windows, cut out of a canvas sheet, look like they should droop with gravity; however, because the canvas is frozen, they stay in formation. The installation creates an improbable structure: a representation of the past existing in the present; neither here nor there; the ghost of a house.
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