Oak Park, Illinois
Solo Exhibition at Compound Yellow, 2022
Design - Installation
Photographs by Breyden Anderson
 This gallery exhibition was developed upon an invitation from Compound Yellow to imagine a stage in the Side Yard of their facilities that could facilitate the organization’s music programming while also acting as interactive urban infrastructure for the community. Side Yard(s) was the result of these studies—existing as a series of speculative models and drawings, each representing a unique proposal for how the structure could take shape.   
The exhibition was conceived as a platform to generate speculative drawings and plans for future infrastructures to activate the Side Yard. Over the course of the show, our team met with community members and worked alongside neighborhood residents to imagine a catalog of possible developments designed/built from the bottom up.   
As visitors perused the gallery, they were invited to take a provided template and imagine their own designs for the Side Yard, which they were then encouraged to hang alongside our proposals. After the exhibition closed, all the drawings were collected and synthesized into a final design.