The One Circle Venn Diagram / Everything So Far
By: i/thee
A manifesto of sorts and monograph from i/thee detailing the prolific output of their first four years as a design collaborative.
The One Circle Venn Diagram / Everything So Far is two books spliced into one. The first, a collection of quotes from a mix of world-renowned and emerging talents, each giving their individual take on i/thee's symbol of unity, love, and inclusivity dubbed the "one circle venn diagram." The second, a complete catalog of all i/thee's projects to date, including built work, installations, fashion, competitions, and previously unpublished proposals. 
The result is a stunning volume documenting the impressive and growing oeuvre of i/thee interspersed with original thoughts from a list of inspirational architects, scientists, artists, and historians, including Sou Fujimoto, Marcelo Gleiser, Adam Frank, Jimenez Lai, Andrew Kovacs, and more.